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Who we are

Our company

EBV Fotoceramica, deals with the production of mosaics and objects in photoceramics personalized with your photo to transform each object into a real piece of furniture, capable of providing unique decorative solutions with a strong emotional impact. 

The company specializes in the production of customized porcelain products, furnishing elements, artistic decorations and even religious articles. 

The colors, which we guarantee faithful to those of the original photograph, manage to maintain the tone and brightness unchanged over time.

At EBV Fotoceramica you will find a wide range of products that you can personalize with your images.

Unique gifts (cups, plates, watches, key rings), personalized house numbers, plaques for studios and shops, corporate gadgets (e.g. ashtrays), floor and wall tiles, decorations for bathrooms and kitchens, artistic ceramics, porcelain objects. 

At EBV photoceramica you can also find all the funeral art items such as plaques, plaques and frames, ground plaques, scrolls, urns and mini-urns and various items. 

Who we are